Great Western Runners

GWR Grand Prix

You are welcome to come down and run with us before joining, just turn up on a Wednesday night and give your name to either Steve or Moya who will be around at the top of the stairs to welcome and help you.

Please arrive by 6:50pm so that we have time to introduce ourselves and ensure that you are placed with an appropriately paced regular training group and distance. 

Please remember that, whilst we will do our utmost to match you with an appropriately paced group to run with, we don't have official leaders*.  Most runs have a couple of points where we re-group, but please remember that it's your responsibility to let others, with whom you are running with, know if you are having difficulties/are unsure of the route etc., and ask for help - others will always be happy to help - we just need to know when!

[*Except for the New Runners Session]


You can try us out free for three sessions after which we ask you to either join or pay £1 per session.

Click for information on becoming a member

If you are new to running or are returning to running after some time away then the New Runners Session maybe the place to start.